Denon is a completely urbanized world, similar to Coruscant, and that similarity is no accident. Placed at the nexus of two important trade routes, it has become an Imperial stronghold of the Inner Rim, and its inhabitants like to think they are a bastion of Imperial culture on the edge of civilized space. In reality, the Core Worlds and Colonies see them as little more than Rim World upstarts. Despite this disdain, Denon’s loyalty to the Empire is unquestioned.

Since the start of the Galactic Civil War, Denon has become a hub of Imperial military activity. Attacks into Rebel territory are staged from here, and an important Stormtrooper training facility has been established.

As with all urban sprawls, there is a second society that exists ignored downworld. The beings not fortunate enough to live in the upper reaches of the city spires eke out a living on the murky surface, where organized crime runs rampant, and also where rebel sympathies might be found. The ISB and Denon Police try to keep things in check, but there is only so much they can do.

The planet is currently governed by Verun Caalgen.


The upper levels of the buildings that cover Denon are most often referred to as “upworld”. Only Imperial citizens (Humans for the most part) are allowed to live upworld. Anyone living below the smog line are called downworlders, and may only travel upworld with special work permits. Much of the menial work of the upworld, such as cleaning and maintenance, is done by downworlders.

The upworld is clean and orderly. Wide walkways and terraces connect the soaring buildings, and small craft flit around above. The sky is nearly always clear, and the temperature is warm.


Below the smog line, the air is thick and choking. Most travel between buildings is done through enclosed walkways and tunnels. Nothing flies in the smog. Though most downworlder have enough pride to keep their homes and apartment blocks tidy and well maintained, official cleaning and maintenance services do not exist down here, so many places are run down and dirty.

Crime is rampant, and the Denon Police usually keep their distance, patrolling mostly near the smog line to make sure no downworlders get any ideas of upward mobility.

ISB operations are a much more common sight. Anyone accused of speaking ill of the Empire or advocating action against it is watched closely, and many have been dragged from their holes in the middle of the night never to be seen again. Rebel sympathies are not tolerated. Though no self-respecting downworlder would ever talk to ISB, there are some who would rather have a pocketful of credits than self-respect.

Despite these efforts by the ISB, there do exist several places where those with anti-Empire views can speak openly, but strangers are seldom welcome.


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